Dear CHAOS Members,

So far the number of registrations for Cyprus meeting is low as most of the members have not yet signed up for the meeting. Actually, we should have at least 80 participants and so far ​there are ​<30 registrations. Actually, if we do not receive more STSM applications or ITC grant applications we could support even 100 participants! Here we send you a reminder about the soft deadline. In order to reach a reasonable number of participants we request you to do the following:

MC Members: If we don’t reach the required quorum (2/3 of participating countries) of MC members for voting, then we cannot make any decision. If as a MC Member your schedule does not permit joining the meeting, please ask your MC substitute to register for the meeting. Please keep in mind the students cannot substitute an MC member only officially MC member substitutes can.

All CHAOS Members: As working group members you have the possibility to not only join the meeting yourself but also bring in your students too. So please also encourage your students to register. I assume many of them would be eager to come to Cyprus in Spring!

We started with 130+ members and have by now grown to 271 members from 33 countries. This large community was not really reflected in the last CHAOS meetings and I hope we can increase participation this time. ​You can find more details about CHAOS Members here,​

Please register at and make the upcoming CHAOS meeting a successful event.

In addition to this I would like to remind you that if you have any derogation from usual travelling schedule it needs to be pre approved by COST. Please send me details and reason for derogation and I will forward it to COST for approval.​ More details can be found in COST Vademecum, Section 5.1 as mentioned below for your convenience;


​COST Vademecum


5. Travel derogations

Travelling to and from countries other than that where the approved meeting is being held and the country where the eligible individuals is residing (as registered on their e-COST profile) is a rule derogation and must be explained and detailed by the participant on the relevant claims section on eCOST. When this type of rule derogation is evident, the participant in question must submit an OTRR containing a written justification which must be accompanied with the following:

The full travel itinerary and the invoice / receipt for the actual ticket that was purchased along with all of their other supporting documents; Comparative quotes sourced from a print-out from a reputable online travel search engine (Skyscanner, Expedia, Opodo etc.) listing the most economical means of travel close to the dates of the meeting for the expectant journey (the expectant journey being as if the participant travelled from the country where they are residing (as registered on their e-COST profile) to the country where the approved activity is being held and back again). The quotes must be generated at least one month before the start date of the meeting. The quotes must show travel prices of the same mode of transport that was actually travelled. Participant can never be reimbursed for more than the cheapest means of travel substantiated on the submitted comparative quotes and never more than the amount that was actually paid for the travel ticket in question. The lower of the two amounts determines the maximum sum that can be reimbursed to the claimant.