Cost CHAOS as portal to establish collaborations

The Idea

You have an ongoing project or an idea to start a new one

The Process

You think it could be more productive if more researchers are involved


You are open for suggestions, new ideas, new prospects and ready to collaborate

How cost CHAOS can help you find collaboration partners

The Project

  • Describe the idea behind and the project in brief
  • Give an overview about the progress so far or the status of the project
  • White about the resources available to fulfil the project goals
  • Describe how you would like to be contacted and to which level you expect the other researchers to be involved in the project.

The Possibilities

  • Describe the possibilities about the level of involment
  • Possibility to exchange students
  • Possibility to share knowledge and facilities
  • Possibility to build strong research community by using the power of collaboration instead of competition

After posting your request

  • You can select the whole CHAOS Community or selected members see your request.
  • Your request will be posted in the secure area of CHAOS website.
  • Only registered and verified members will have access to your post.
  • Interested members will be able to respond to your proposal and post responses
  • Once collaboration is established it will be moved to ongoing collaborations section of the website

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