Cost-CHAOS Agenda

Dear Members,

We have finalized the meeting agenda and put it online. All the member talks are scheduled for the first two days. The speaker slots are 12 minutes each except for the invited speaker lecture. The goal of the presentation is, to show what you are capable of in the field and eventually also to tell the Action in which fields you are seeking for collaboration. There will be no questions allowed at the end of the talk due to quite large number of presentations. Third day is reserved for WG discussions and question answer sessions related to the talks. There will also be breaks and lot of time for discussions during the breaks.

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Cost-CHAOS Agenda

September 26-28, Vienna
Institute of Applied Synthetic Chemistry, TU Wien, Getreidemarkt 9/163, 1060 VIENNA, AUSTRIA.
26.09.2016 27.09.2016 28.09.2016
TIME WG Speaker Name WG Speaker Name Hall A Hall B
Chair: Chair:
9:00-9:15 Introduction WG1 Speaker Maria João QUEIROZ WG1 WG2
9:15-9:50 Invited Speaker Huw Davies WG1 Speaker Bojan BONDZIC
WG1 Speaker Prof Iztok TUREL
9:50-10:02 WG3 Leader Joanna  WENCEL-DELORD WG1 Speaker Nuria RENDÓN
10:02-10:14 WG3 Speaker Dzmitry  KANANOVICH WG1 Speaker Edgers Suna
10:14-10:26 WG3 Speaker Philippe. DAUBAN WG1 Speaker Nicola DELLA CÀ
10:26-10:38 WG3 Speaker Nicolai  CRAMER WG1 Speaker Navid Dastbaravardeh
10:38-10:50 WG3 Speaker Mathieu Achard WG4 Speaker Philippe Renaud
10:50-11:10 Break Break Break Break
Chair: Chair:
11:10-11:22 WG3 Speaker Peter Kundig WG1 Speaker Jerome WASER WG3 WG4
11:22-11:34 WG2 Leader Lukasz Pilarski WG1 Speaker Moisés GULÍAS
11:34-11:46 WG2 Speaker Bert MAES WG1 Speaker Giovanni Poli
11:46-11:58 WG2 Speaker Frederic PATUREAU WG1 Speaker Timothy Noel
11:58-12:10 WG2 Speaker Elizabeth AMIR WG1 Speaker Pedro Perez MC Meeting
12:10-12:22 WG2 Speaker Alexander KIRILLOV WG1 Speaker Eric Clot
12:22-12:34 WG2 Speaker Belén MARTÍN MATUTE WG2 Speaker Michael Hocek
12:34-12:46 WG2 Speaker Tatiana BESSET WG2 Speaker Karl Kirchner
12:46-14:20 Lunch Lunch Lunch
Chair: Chair:
14:20-14:34 WG2 Speaker Cristian Silvestro WG3 Speaker Olivier BAUDOIN
14:34-14:46 WG2 Speaker Sengül Dilem Dogan WG4 Leader Cristina NEVADO
14:46-14:58 WG2 Speaker Christoforos KOKOTOS WG4 Speaker Andras STIRLING
14:58-15:10 WG2 Speaker Kilian Muniz WG4 Speaker Gerard MCGLACKEN
15:10-15:22 WG2 Speaker Audrey Denincourt WG4 Speaker Doron PAPPO
15:22-15:34 WG2 Speaker Christophe Hoarau WG4 Speaker Mats TILSET
15:34:15:46 WG2 Speaker Keith Searles WG4 Speaker Jana ROITHOVÁ
15:46-15:58 WG4 Speaker Jarl Ivar VAN DER VLUGT WG4 Speaker Ruth WEBSTER
15:58-16:20 Break Break
Chair: Chair:
16:20-16:32 WG1 Leader Zoltan Novak WG4 Speaker David DAVIES
16:32-16:44 WG1 Speaker Michael Schnuerch WG4 Speaker Xavi Ribas
16:44-16:56 WG1 Speaker Erik VAN DER EYCKEN WG4 Speaker Tomas Belderrain
16:56-17:08 WG1 Speaker Savvas GEORGIADES WG4 Speaker Steuart McGregor
17:08-17:20 WG1 Speaker Georgios VOUGIOUKALAKIS WG4 Speaker Enrique Gomez Bengoa
17:20-17:32 WG1 Speaker Alexandros ZOGRAFOS WG4 Speaker Martin Albrecht
17:32-17:44 WG1 Speaker Frank Glorius WG4 Speaker Vincent Gandon
17:44-17:56 WG1 Speaker Maria Ángeles FERNÁNDEZ-IBAÑEZ WG4 Speaker Lutz Ackermann
17:56-18:08 WG1 Speaker Kare Bredeli JORGENSEN WG4 Speaker Thomas Wurm (Hashmi Group)
18:08-18:20 WG1 Speaker Daniel GRYKO