Dear MC members!
Please fill in the form and give your feedback if regarding upcoming events.
  • ​Do you agree to spend extra money on STSMs?
  • ​Do you agree to spend extra money on an additional Meeting?
  • ​Do you agree to open our meetings for students, keeping priority for PIs?
  • Do you agree on a fixed grant of 500€?
  • What is your preferred country for 2nd CHAOS meeting?
  • Do you agree to keep the option open to send somebody to a dissemination meeting in Spring?
  • Do you agree to have our main meeting in GP3 at the ICIQ in Tarragona?
  • Do you agree to set a deadline for potential organizers of a training school to confirm their willingness by 1.12.2017?
  • Do you agree to make the decision in a single round vote?
  • Hosting GP3 Meeting
    For other future meetings, there were also already some countries expressing interest. One question is whether we will need a backup meeting in GP3 in case we open the door for students to attend our meetings. In this case, we might very well have only one meeting a year as our colleagues at CARISMA. Since this is dependent on the outcome of VQ3 and VQ4, I suggest that at this time, I collect for the moment applications which are send to me by e-mail and delay a vote on any other locations for GP3 to a later time.
    Do you agree with the above mentioned procedure?
  • Do you agree that ISCHA4 in Japan will be our dissemination meeting for GP3?
  • Do you agree that Michael Schnürch represents CHAOS as Action Chair at the ISCHA4 in 2018 in case he fulfills the requirements? In case question 11 is answered in majority with yes and question 12 is answered in majority with no, we will be setting up a procedure how to select our representative for ISCHA4.