Additional Funds available for STSMs and ITC Conference Grants

We are happy to inform you that additional funds are available for STSM and ITC Conference Grant applications for events that will take place until 30 April 2019. In this context we kindly ask you to,

  1. Apply to carry out (until 30 April 2019) a Short-Term Scientific Mission (STSM) within the Action, while paying particular attention to the COST Excellence and Inclusiveness Policy. This applies in particular to PhD and Post-doc candidates.
  2. Consider sending an application yourself to undertake STSM (until 30 April 2019) to
  • Another participating COST Member, or
  • An approved institution in Near Neighbour Country (NNC) or International Partner Country (IPC)

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6th CHAOS meeting in Cyprus from 3.4. to 5.4.2019-Reminder

Dear CHAOS Members,

So far the number of registrations for Cyprus meeting is low as most of the members have not yet signed up for the meeting. Actually, we should have at least 80 participants and so far ​there are ​<30 registrations. Actually, if we do not receive more STSM applications or ITC grant applications we could support even 100 participants! Here we send you a reminder about the soft deadline. In order to reach a reasonable number of participants we request you to do the following:

MC Members: If we don’t reach the required quorum (2/3 of participating countries) of MC members for voting, then we cannot make any decision. If as a MC Member your schedule does not permit joining the meeting, please ask your MC substitute to register for the meeting. Please keep in mind the students cannot substitute an MC member only officially MC member substitutes can. Read more

PhD Program – Call Open (Deadline for Applications 7.1.2019)

The Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences will, for the first time, have chemistry-oriented PhD students in their highly competitive program by virtue of me having joined recently as an Adjunct PI (1 PhD position available).

This is a unique scientific environment marrying the best in Molecular Medicine with our group’s interests in synthesis (and the successful applicant will work in our group’s laboratories – while being conveniently located less than 4 minutes away from CeMM itself).

To apply please visit this link,

18-months Post-Doctoral position open in France

Development of an efficient catalytic process for cycloalkanes oxidation

A post-doctoral position is vacant at ENS Chimie de Rennes in a collaborative program between the
« Organometallics : Materials and Catalysis » Team (UMR 6226) and the Solvay group located in
Lyon (Solvay Performance Polyamides)

The transformation of saturated hydrocarbons in oxidation products of interest through Csp3-
H functionalization processes constitutes an industrial challenge again. The research work developed
in collaboration with Solvay group relies on the design of efficient catalysts for the selective oxidation
of cheap hydrocarbons into alcohols and/or ketones by industrially interesting reagents and ideally
under mild conditions (low pressure and/or temperature).

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Tarragona meeting scientific program is online

Dear CHAOS Members,

Tarragona meeting scientific program is online and can be viewed here,

We could still fit couple of oral presentations to the list and if you would like to give oral presentation please contact us as soon as possible.

If you have opted for oral presentation and dont find yourself in the list please let us know so that we could fix it.

Looking forward to see you in Tarragona.

Michael & Farooq

The 11th CCHF Virtual Symposium will be held on Tuesday September 11, at 4 PM EST

The 11th CCHF Virtual Symposium will be held on Tuesday September 11, at 4 PM EST.

We have another exciting line up of speakers who will be presenting on cutting-edge C–H Functionalization research. You can find out more about the speakers and the presentation topics in the attached flyer (which can be edited with details of the local locations and times of broadcast). You can also find out all details, including how to join the event at the website below.

Please use this flyer to advertise the event at your local institution and pass on this information to any interested colleagues.

PhD Positions in Organic Chemistry and Copper Catalysis

In the framework of a collaborative research project of the National Science Foundation in Belgium (FNRS) on the development of new copper-catalyzed reaction based on the use of carbon oxides, the research divisions of organic chemistry of the Departments of Chemistry of ULB and UCL in Belgium announce the availability of two full time PhD positions in the field of organic synthesis and homogeneous catalysis with copper complexes.

More information about the research group can be found here.

ACS DOC Virtual Symposium | August 14th at 4 PM Eastern

The ACS Division of Organic Chemistry will be holding the second in its Virtual Symposium Series on August 14 th from 12 – 1:30 PM Eastern time.

As the attached flyer details, the speakers will be Rebecca Ruck from Merck and Scott Miller from Yale.

Please join the broadcast and make it an event at your location. We encourage folks to book a room and get refreshments in for the session.

Details on how to join the broadcast and join the chat discussion are on the flyer.

We hope to see you online!

Registrations open for CHAOS meeting in Tarragona Spain 19.9.-21.9

CHAOS meeting in GP3 at the ICIQ in Tarragona Spain

Meeting dates: 19.9.2018-21.9.2018

Registration Deadline: 15-07-2018

Late registrations are possible but allocation of talks will be only possible if slots are available.

For students its important to consider 15th of July as deadline of application as they will get response by the end of July in order to book flights and hotels.

If you have already applied online there is no need to reapply. However, if you chose the option I will most likely attend but am not sure yet then you need to apply again in order to confirm your participation.

Apply online now here,


ITC Conference Grant Applications open in GP3

ITC Conference Grants are open for Early Career Investigators (ECI) and PhD Students from Participating ITC countries. ITC Conference Grants are aimed at supporting ECI and PhD students from Participating ITC to attend international science and technology related conferences on the topic of the Action that are not organised by the COST Action. For more details and application for ITC grants please visit the page ITC Conference Grants.