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Dear all!

Thanks for actively registering for the kickoff meeting. We are now ready to finalize the timetable for the Vienna Meeting in September. Since in the past few days there were a few e-mails regarding changes for presentation slots, we ask you to confirm your requirement for a speakers slot by filling out the online form (Link given below). Please do so until 15.8.2016, since only then we can guarantee you a speakers slot, even if you have made a selection already previously! We apologize for the additional work, but we want to avoid many blank spots in the schedule in case speakers do not make use of their time slots.

Please put at least a title for your presentation, ideally title and abstract (you can either upload a word document with your abstract or type it into the respective field).

We will schedule the talks according to working groups, so please specify your preferred working group and also the second choice, so we can make sure that sessions contain an equal amount of talks.

There were some requests to have more than one talk from a research group. Please note that this can only be done when we have the capacity. In such cases, please send an additional e-mail to cost.chaos@tuwien.ac.at, indicating which one of the two talks is the preferred one. This one will get a speakers slot for sure, the other one only in case there are open slots available. We have 78 registrations by now and you can imagine that the schedule will be tight in order to give every group the possibility to speak.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in Vienna!


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