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Invitation to contribute to Advances in Organometallic Chemistry by  Professor Pedro J. Pérez:

Following our meeting in Vienna, and the email from our Coordinator, I would like to provide some information regarding the volume of Advances in Organometallic Chemistry (AOC) related to this Action.

Advances in Organometallic Chemistry (AOC) is a Journal edited as a Book Series from 1964 by Elsevier, that constitutes one of the classic sources of literature in the field of organometallic chemistry. AOC is currently ranked 1st and 2nd, respectively, in the JCR areas of Organic Chemistry and Inorganic & Nuclear, with an IF of 12.6.   Manuscripts published in AOC contain general and authoritative reviews on a topic from recognized authors within the field.

In order to provide visualization to the Action, I would be willing to receive proposals from the Action Members for manuscripts for a volume that would be published in 2018, deadline for submissions being December 2017. It would be desirable that the manuscript would be prepared by two groups within the Action, therefore could be presented as a result of the association. However, I would also consider proposals from independent groups that perhaps cannot find the appropriate partner for this task. AOC publishes manuscripts related to organometallic chemistry regarding synthesis and applications, including catalysis. It should not be interpreted as reviews of own work but general reviews on a topic.

All those interested in participating, just send me an email with a  2-3 page proposal explaining the scope and outline of the review before the end of this year and I would make the decision early January so there is a whole year to work on this.

I am sure that an excellent collection of papers will show up from this task. I look forward to your proposals

With best wishes Pedro

Pedro J. Pérez
Prof. Inorganic Chemistry
Center for Research in Sustainable Chemistry (CIQSO)
Universidad de Huelva, Huelva (SPAIN)

Series Editor for Advances in Organometallic Chemistry


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