Open PhD Position in Spain

New Reactivity Concepts for Small Molecule Asymmetric Activations

Duration: 4 Years fully funded

Project Ref.: 2017/14-SUE: New Reactivity Concepts for Small Molecule Asymmetric Activations  

Deadline: Mar 24, 2017

Description of the project: The goal of this project is to develop new asymmetric C=C and C–H bond activations and their application to simplify the synthesis of complex enantioenriched molecules, which are difficult to synthesized using current methodologies. This project will exploit the catalytic generation of unusual or unprecedented organic/organometallic reactive species able to provide new chemical reactivity and new disconnection approaches. It is envisaged that these concepts will have broad application in the synthesis of important natural products or therapeutic agents.

Preferred skills or background: Master Degree in Organic/Organometallic Chemistry, which must be completed by the time of enrolment in the PhD programme in September 2017. Strong commitment to scientific research and good command of English

How to Apply? To know more about the project follow the link for more specific details and applications process

To know more about Dr Marcos García Suero view his Profile on cost-CHAOS website.

Supervisor: Dr Marcos García Suero
Group Leader
Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ)
The Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology
Av. Països Catalans 16 – 43007 Tarragona (Spain)
+34 977920200 (ext 224)<>

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