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Countdown has begun

And the CHAOS continues…
2nd Cost-CHAOS meeting on March 13-14, 2017
Get ready for the Action in Sofia-Bulgaria

Power of CH Activation

Let us all join forces to make the upcoming meeting a successful one by actively participating in it.

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Here you can submit the Abstract for Sofia meeting.
Please submit your Abstract latest by February 26th

130 Action Members
4 Working Groups
30+ COST Countries

Message from the Action Chair

I thank all members for making this Action successful and contributing towards the achievement of set goals. I also thank you all for actively participating in the kickoff meeting in Vienna, in September, and making it a huge success. I was deeply touched to see the members come forward and show their willingness to contribute and offer helping hands amongst the working groups. We have already seen collaborations developing which have resulted in almost a dozen of STSM applications. I am sure that the same level of enthusiasm will make our second meeting in Sofia a successful one as well.

In order to facilitate organizing the meeting, please use the following link to submit your Abstract for the event. You can use the Additional Information section to inform us about any preferences about your presentation

About Us

Largest Cost Action in Europe in the are of Synthetic Organic Chemistry.

125 Action Members and counting.

More than 10 STSMs granted.

Built on absolute trust, mutual understanding and respect, and equal opportunities for all.

Perspective of future collaborations and collaborative projects.

Open for both Academia and Industry.

  • Crafted with Passion

    Crafted with passion to bring all the researchers from Europe together on a single platform to collaborate and excel in the field of CH Activation

  • Moving Forward

    The only way from here on is to move forward and by using our potential make this action successful.

  • Going in the right direction

    Right from the kickoff meeting in Vienna the tone is set and there is a number of milestones to be achieved during the course of the action.

  • Its all about Collaboration

    Its all about collaboration, building strong connections, sharing experiences, and using Short Term Scientific Missions to achieve new goals.

To get more information about the action you can browse our website, contact Action Chair or respective Working Group Leaders.

Working Group 1: CC

T1. Development of efficient, robust and sustainable transition metal based catalytic systems for the C-H activation of organic molecules.

T2. Development of new activation strategies that allow unique transformations and provide highly regio/stereo‐selective transformations.

T3. Design of novel efficient protocols for mild C-H activation

T4. Application of the developed methods in the synthesis of natural products and molecules with potential biological activity.

T5. Development of asymmetric transformations and mechanistic studies in collaboration with WG3 and WG4

Working Group 2: CX

The discovery of diverse C-X bond forming methods accessed via catalytic C-H activation.

The discovery of new principles behind this reactivity, based on a combination of catalyst development and mechanistic insights working hand-in-hand.

Application of the new discoveries to the synthesis of important molecules.

T1. Discovery of new metal-catalyzed C-H to C-heteroatom transformations

T2. Moving beyond existing selectivity paradigms

T3. Mechanistic insights

Working Group 3: ASYM CH

T1. Transition Metal-catalyzed asymmetric C-H activation.

  • T1.A. C-C and C-X couplings via organometallic C-H bond.
  • T1.B. Application of nitrene strategy for asymmetric C-H amination.
  • T1.C. Stereoselective C-H functionalization involving hydrogen transfer.

T2. Transition metal-free approach towards asymmetric C-H functionalization

T3. Rationalization and mechanistic investigations.

T4. Application of the newly developed transformations for the synthesis of complex molecules.

Working Group 4: Mechanism

T1 Mechanistic studies on the activation of C-H bonds

T2 Application of spectroscopic and spectrometric methods in the study of C-H bond activation

T3 Understanding and exploiting the mechanistic features of solid/nanoparticulate catalysts in C-H activation

T4 Mechanism-driven synthetic chemistry

T5 Homogeneous versus heterogeneous chemistry, including catalyst deactivation

In order to facilitate our planning, please use the following link to (pre)register for the event. You will have the option to select between:

1.)    I confirm my attendance to the Sofia CHAOS meeting
2.)    I plan to come but there is still some uncertainty
3.)    I will not attend

Please do so until November 30th

If you chose 1, you will in a next step be able to select whether you plan for a presentation to introduce your group or to present results from a collaborative project, or whether you do not wish to present. In any case, your participation is confirmed then already.

If you chose 2, you have time until the registration deadline (15.1.2017) to come to a final decision. Also until this deadline abstract submission for presentations will be possible.

If you chose 3, we know that we do not have to bother you again with reminder mails for this specific meeting.

This preregistration is very important for us to be able to estimate how much budget we have to reserve for the meeting and how many people we can reimburse this time. So please make sure that you select one of the three options.

Please submit the Abstract of your presentation until 26th of February.

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