Working Groups

WG1:CC Bond Formation

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The objective of WG2 is to make important advances in this key area, as represented – but not limited to – the following:

  • The discovery of diverse C-X bond forming methods accessed via catalytic C-H activation.
  • The discovery of new principles behind this reactivity, based on a combination of catalyst development and mechanistic insights working hand-in-hand.
  • Application of the new discoveries to the synthesis of important molecules.

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WG3:Asymm CH

WORKING GROUP 3…WG3:Asymmetric CH Activation

The objective of the “Asymmetric C-H activation” Working Group is to design, investigate and develop new strategies to construct high value-added enantiopure building blocks by direct functionalization of unactivated C-H bonds of non-prefunctionalized substrates.



The objective of the “Mechanistic investigations in C-H activation” Working Group is the interrogation of reaction mechanisms underpinning C-H activation chemistry. This working group aims to be integrated in and contribute towards the goals set out for the other three working groups of the CHAOS Action.