The objective of WG 1 is to develop novel processes for the construction of C‐C bond(s) via transition metal catalyzed C‐H activation for the versatile functionalization and construction of aromatic and heterocyclic systems.


T1. Development of efficient, robust and sustainable transition metal based catalytic systems for the C-H activation of organic molecules.

T2. Development of new activation strategies that allow unique transformations and provide highly regio/stereo‐selective transformations.

T3. Design of novel efficient protocols for mild C-H activation

T4. Application of the developed methods in the synthesis of natural products and molecules with potential biological activity.

T5. Development of asymmetric transformations and mechanistic studies in collaboration with WG3 and WG4


In the frame of the COST action the individual and collaborative research of the members of WG1, and other working groups strongly contributes to the development of novel methodologies for the direct C-H bond functionalization including transition metal catalyzed C-H activation. Exchange of complementary expertise and developed transformations broaden the applicability of novel processes and facilitate the design of catalytic systems for the solution of current problems of the field and challenging transformations. In this regard, development of C‐H activation methodologies with more abundant and cheaper transition metals, design of transformations performed under mild reaction conditions in environmentally benign solvents are also in focus of the research projects. The developed functionalization methods and their application in the synthesis of more complex biologically active molecules and natural products would provide valuable synthetic tools for further academic and pharmaceutical research. The mechanistic studies performed in collaboration with the members of WG4 will provide useful information for understanding the developed transformations, which establish future developments in the field of C-H activation.

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