The objective of WG2 is to make important advances in this key area, as represented – but not limited to – the following:

  • The discovery of diverse C-X bond forming methods accessed via catalytic C-H activation.
  • The discovery of new principles behind this reactivity, based on a combination of catalyst development and mechanistic insights working hand-in-hand.
  • Application of the new discoveries to the synthesis of important molecules.


T1. Discovery of new metal-catalyzed C-H to C-heteroatom transformations

  • T1.A. New C-H/C-Nu coupling reactivity and compatibility.
  • T1.B. New, sustainable and selective catalysis.

T2. Moving beyond existing selectivity paradigms

T3. Mechanistic insights


Collaboration enabled by this COST action, both for WG2 and for the combined WGs, will result in the delivery and understanding of next-generation C-heteroatom bond construction befitting modern, environmentally credible synthesis of broad appeal. Such advances will contribute enormously to pharmaceutical and materials science as well as future European academic work, showcasing a commitment to cutting-edge synthetic technology and the environmental/economic advantages described above.



WG2 Members