The objective of the “Asymmetric C-H activation” Working Group is to design, investigate and develop new strategies to construct high value-added enantiopure building blocks by direct functionalization of unactivated C-H bonds of non-prefunctionalized substrates. Our ambition is to discover both:

–  new asymmetric transformations occurring via C-H activation

– powerful, general and easily accessible chiral catalysts prompt to catalyze such transformations.


With regard to the distinct research interests of the members of the “Asymmetric C-H activation” WG our work will be divided into 4 Tasks.

T1. Transition Metal-catalyzed asymmetric C-H activation.

  • T1.A. C-C and C-X couplings via organometallic C-H bond.
  • T1.B. Application of nitrene strategy for asymmetric C-H amination.
  • T1.C. Stereoselective C-H functionalization involving hydrogen transfer.

T2: Transition metal-free approach towards asymmetric C-H functionalization

T3: Rationalization and mechanistic investigations.

T4: Application of the newly developed transformations for the synthesis of complex molecules.


The collaborative work within the “Asymmetric C-H activation” WG should provide a straightforward access to molecular diversity and complexity from simple, non-prefunctionalized precursors. Our new transformations should rapidly become innovative and truly useful asymmetric methodologies with potential application in pharmaceutical industry and material science. Besides, original chiral ligands and catalysts will be synthesized. Finally, the fundamental knowledge acquired via theoretical studies should become a cornerstone for further steps forwards in this challenging field.


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